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Unique Things in Germany

» Oktoberfest- Munich's October Beer Festival
If visiting the country during the months of September and October, visitor’s get the golden opportunity to become a part of the Oktoberfest beer festival. It takes place in Munich, where in one can come and drink as much beer as one wants.

» A Visit to Opera
On a vacation to Germany, then do not skip a visit to one of the operas. The country has some of the best of which some are new built but some are really old and amazing like the Semper Opera in Dresden.

» Sightseeing Tours
Sightseeing tours are the best to experience the country’s beautiful attractions and are readily available. Whether you pick bike, boat or tram be sure your vacation activities are perfectly planned and organized.

» Theaters and Museums
Get a taste of Germany cultural scene, which is a land of arts and culture. There are a lots of theaters in the towns with the Berlin alone having 150 big theatres and nice small ones. With numerous museums, the tourists can get a glimpse of country’s history epochs, arts, science, toys, technics and much more.

» A visit to the Exhibitions and Galleries
What better way then visiting the various exhibitions and galleries, which are on in the cities, to get a close look at the country’s past and modern artworks. On display are the good paintings, modern arts and a lot more interesting things. Moreover, if one is an admirer of arts and culture one must not miss some exhibititions. You will get to see priceless collections, paintings or even modern photographs and more.

» Take the Cave Tours
Cave tours are all the worth with lots to see right from caves, grottos and abandoned mines. Among the many stalactite caves or ice caves are most popular among the tourists.

» Plan for Rafting Tours
You are one your way through Germany and plan an adventurous event for your group? Just have a look here where to find your next wild water rafting station.

» Go on Kayaking Tours
If you visit Germany from May to October, you should think of some water activities on Germany's many rivers or lakes. Just join a guided kayak tour and explore the water!

» Take a cruise
In most German regions, you will get the chance for boat cruises - in cities along the river or in rural areas over a nice lake. Get on board and enjoy a great boat trip!

» Rent boats and explore the country
Germany is blessed with beautiful vacation areas, which are perfect for boat trips. One can easily find boat rentals where one can get a kayak, canoe, float or even a big houseboat, which is best way to experience the country.

» Indulge in Snow Activities during the winter months
During the winter months from December to March, Germany provides with snow proof winter areas for winter sports, in particular in Southern Germany. One can go skiing, snowboarding and more fun activities.

» Get a feel of the striking nature with Riding Activities
Riding activities provides with perfect opportunities to enjoy the country’s nature, as there are many vacation regions in Germany. The horse riding tours gives an overview over the farm stays and operators.

» Cycling Tours
With many guided cycling tours available throughout the country and it cities, it becomes a nice way of exploring the country. Moreover, for Germans cycling belongs to the most popular leisure and sports activities.

» Visit Animal Parks for family fun
Animal parks and zoos found in every big city of the country, which are very popular among the families and kids. Besides, one can try out wildlife encounters, small petting zoos or aquariums.
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