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Germany Attractions

Whether you are a first time visitor to Germany or not tourist attractions in Germany are plentiful, providing with exciting options. Tourists will find from history to art to culture to the outdoors, numerous choices to keep oneself occupied. Germany tourist attractions offer a variety of entertainment options like the various amusement parks, safari parks, and some of the amazing guided tours. The country is a perfect holiday for the adventure seeking, fun loving, to all kinds of tourists. Our travel guide has made an effort to list some of the attractions in the country, to give an idea about your vacation.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle is the most famous Germany attraction, which has been the source of inspiration for the Walt Disney for designing the sleeping beauty for Disney Land. The most famous of the castles in Germany was never finished as planned but is a piece of architecture.

The Romantic Road
Romantic road is considered the most charming of Germany tourist attractions. The road has over 220 miles of captivating vistas, ranging from the River Main in the north and going up to the south to the Alps. This road served as a trade route during the Middle Ages, remains of which still is visible on eth roads. Gothic cathedrals and ancient churches are nestled near quaint country inns. The adventurous traveler will find no shortage of gentle farmlands or sprawling forests to walk in.

A holiday in Germany with its all-wonderful tourist attractions lets you in to a fun filed time, but the Dachau concentration camp provides a different side of the country. It takes you back to the times when people were in these camps and what horrifying things that had to face. The Dachau concentration camp was built in 1933 and importantly this camp served as a training ground for those that would staff the other camps. To get the complete know how of the place, guided tours are available even and recommended for visitors to fully grasp the horrors of the place that took place here.

Lake Constance
Of the many tourist attractions, the Lake Constance is the biggest water tourist attraction in Germany. The lake is shared by both the Austria and Switzerland and importantly over four million people are dependent on the lake. The lake also known by the name of Bodensee meaning - for drinking water has shallow, warm waters. These waters provide grounds for the million of birds that live in the area either year-round or during winter migration. For bird watchers this Lake is the place where they can spot some rare species.

The Black Forest
Black forest is an amazing place, with thick covers of dark fir and pine trees, giving it the name of Black Forest. One should not go on the name of the place but a nice place to visit on your vacation, which remains quite sunny during the summers. For those who love the thrill of hikes or skiing, the Black forest is the place to visit. In addition the visitor’s, find accommodations at economical rates for their stay here.

Cologne Cathedral
This cathedral is one of its kinds and the biggest in the country and one look at the cathedral lets one know why it took 600 years to be constructed. Over the course of 600 years, there were many suspensions in the construction work. The cathedral with its towers that spiral into the sky is a sight for the eyes.

A visit to Heidelberg completes your visit to Germany. The city is home to a beautiful castle that adorns the city’s skyline. From the castle, the visitors get to view beautiful scenes of the city.

Over the years, Oktoberfest has become the star attraction of the country for the visitors. During this period, Bavaria hosts several weeks of beer drinking and celebration. Besides enjoying the nice German beer, one can attend the various events of live music and costumed performers are certainly a delight.

The Museums of Berlin
Berlin City is a famous attraction for the Berlin wall but it is also talked about all over the world for its superb selection of museums. There are a few which one must visit for sure when visiting the city. Pergamonmsueum is one of the world’s best ancient history museums, which houses wide range of collections of Greek, Islamic and Far Eastern Art. The there is the Gemäldegalerie which is Europe’s leading art museums and one gets to see the works of European masters including Botticelli, Raphael, Titian and Vermeer. Take a round of the places and one can come across many surprises. Here history is fun.
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